Lillies is a 20 square meter room with view of the pond. Northern light makes it the ideal for water-colourists. A beautiful bath room offers a small shower. In the blue bath across the hall a normal shower, bathtub, washer and dryer are provided.



Seaside, a 25 square meter room with fire-place, balcony access and bathroom (shower only) is ideal for writers or musicians. 



Leaves actually are two small rooms. One to

sleep.The other to join at a table, rest and read on the day bed, or enjoy the view of fields, horses and the Southern sky beyond.


In the bed room is but a sink. Bathroom with shower and bathtub, washer and dryer, and a separate WC are available in the hall. 


Blue, actually bed room of the Firefox

apartment, is available individually. South/West exposure make it an agreeable place to with-draw. It comes with a bath room, shower, tub and a dressing room included. Blue is the only ground floor bedroom in Our House.