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The Firefox owes its name to this room. Dining hall and cocktail lounge at once, this room has served countless dinners, brunches, lunches, tea times and meetings of sorts.


It provides a lovely view of the pond

and lights up when the sun sets. In

the summer, with open windows, it feels like sitting on a balcony with view of pond and park. 


The Firefox is a spacious, two room, old style apartment. It houses up to six. And yet - is not too big for two.

Its winter garden office is perfect for a writer or the travelling business wo/man, making the Firefox a lovely home away from home. Kitchen and dining areas are fully equipped. A large wardrobe provides room for coats, boots and bags. A bathroom/dressing room features a shower and a bath tub. Beds, sofas and seats are comfortable. Ground floor makes it perfect for seniors.


The Tune-in was the owners' first apartment in La Boulaye after they moved to France. Newly renovated, and now with its own kitchen, this lovely home continues to be just as remote, as - in fact - it is at the center of things in Our House. 

From the balcony one views the Our House garden to one hand and  the former farm's court yard to the other. From the windows wild life in the pond calls for attention. 


This cosy studio apartment features a large balcony, a bathroom with shower, bathtub, closet and separate WC, a fully equipped kitchen with dining are and a large stand-up desk for computer wizards. It houses two, or four but is perfect for any single guests who wants to stay for a few days to get a breather.

The Bird's Nest

Bird's Nest


The Bird's Nest 

offers an unrestricted views of

La Boulaye, its buildings and land.

In season it is the ideal family retreat. Off-season it is a place for students or researchers, for 

writers or photographers.Three floors up without elevator may be

a challenge for seniors.


This three floors up apartment is ideal for youngsters.. For uncounted years it was family comes visit apartment for children and grand children. Rooms, kitchen and bathroom are fully equipped. It sleeps six and more.

Please request any additional information you may want or need. We gladly will answer any questions and send photographs.

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